CALDWELL COUNTY                                                          BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS

Lenoir, North Carolina                                                                        May 5, 2003

12:00 p.m.


Present:                       Herbert H. Greene, Chairman

Ronald R. Beane, Vice Chairman

Timothy E. Sanders

Alden E. Starnes

Dr. John W. Thuss


Absent:                                    None


Staff Present:               Bobby White, County Manager

Kathy T. Myers, Clerk to the Board



Chairman Greene called the meeting to order and welcomed all present.  Reverend Eddie Summerlin, Sheriff’s Department Chaplain, gave the invocation and Sheriff Gary Clark led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Chairman Greene asked for any additions or amendments to the May 5, 2003 agenda.  Commissioner Sanders made a motion to move Item G4 (Capital Outlay Request for 911 Communications) from the Consent Agenda to an Item for Decision (F3).  Commissioner Thuss seconded and the vote was unanimous.  Commissioner Sanders made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Starnes, and passing unanimously, to approve the May 5, 2003 agenda as presented and amended.


Report—Sheriff’s Department


Sheriff Gary Clark appeared before the Board of Commissioners to address the following issues relating to his department:

  • A request for approval from the Board of Commissioners to declare various weapons surplus in order that they may be used as trade-in allowance on the purchase of new weapons and accessories.  Commissioners informed Sheriff Clark that action on his request would be considered at a future meeting to allow sufficient time for staff to obtain detailed information about the exchange/purchase. 


  • A request for Commissioners’ consideration to include an additional civil officer position in the upcoming budget year (03-04).  Sheriff Clark said he felt the position was needed to address the tremendous number of cases associated with the delinquent tax collection process.  The cost of the position, including equipment, is $70,000.00.


  • He reported on a proposal from a vendor for operation of the detention center commissary and highlighted the benefits over the current system of operation.  The current commission rate from sales in the commissary is 25% and the new system would provide a 30.2% commission.  It would also decrease the number of work hours required by department staff.


  • A request for funding to allow the department to obtain CALEA accreditation.  He reported that the initial assessment would be $7500, another $7500 payment at the end of three years, and $15,000.00 every three years to maintain accreditation services.  Twenty-seven agencies in North Carolina have this accreditation with only two of those being sheriff departments (Durham and Cumberland Counties). 


Lengthy discussion followed about the process and benefits of the accreditation.  No action was taken.


Report—Duke Power/FERC Relicensing


Mr. Cal Overby gave an overview of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) relicensing procedure and noted that Duke Power’s current license will expire August 2008.  Duke Power has extended invitations to various local governments and other groups requesting representatives to serve on certain committees related to its relicensing proposal.  Mr. Overby informed Commissioners of his willingness to represent Caldwell County and coordinate the County’s interests and concerns in the overall relicensing issue.  He committed to keeping the Board of Commissioners informed of the process by periodic reporting.


Request to Schedule Public Hearing re Proposed Junk Car Ordinance


Mr. Randy Feierabend reported to Commissioners that a proposed junk car ordinance had been developed by staff and the County Attorney.  He said staff would be making public presentations of the proposal to civic clubs, organizations, and agencies as well as presentations broadcast on the County’s television programming.  Following his report, Commissioner Sanders made a motion, seconded by Chairman Greene, to schedule a public hearing for 7:00 p.m. on Monday, June 16, 2003 in the City-County Chambers to formally consider adoption of the ordinance.  The vote was unanimous.


Caldwell County Appointment Policy


Chairman Greene led discussion about the County’s existing policy for appointing individuals to various county committees.  In the past, there have been inconsistencies in following the policy primarily dealing with the public advertisement of vacancies and the application process for nominees.   Following discussion, Commissioner Thuss moved to approve the continuation of the existing appointment policy and Commissioner Beane seconded.  Following discussion, Commissioner Sanders made a motion to amend the motion to delete Section I, Item D from the appointment policy.  Commissioner Starnes seconded and the vote was unanimous to approve continuation of the existing appointment policy with the deletion of Section I, Item D which is hereby incorporated by reference and made a part of these minutes (Exhibit A).  Commissioner Sanders seconded and the vote was unanimous.


Capital Outlay Request for 911 Communications


The County Manager informed the Board of a request from communications staff to purchase various capital outlay items.  He noted that, in the original FY03-04 budget proposal, the 911 fund includes capital outlay acquisition recommendations to replace an aging, malfunctioning voice recorder as well as associated headsets and computer.  However, because of the condition of the existing equipment, staff believes it imperative to replace the equipment items in the current fiscal year.  Mr. White said that revenues necessary for acquisition of the following items is available within the 911 fund balance.


·       Wireless Communication                               $59,913.73                  voice recorder

·       Call One, Inc.                                                 $  3,540.50                  headsets

·       Dell, Inc.                                                        $  5,004.44                  computer



Following his report, Commissioner Beane moved to approve the following budget amendment and to authorize staff to purchase the identified capital outlay items using appropriate 911 fund balance revenue.  Commissioner Thuss seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

            Increase           13.3000.397001          Fund Balance Transfer                                    $68,458.67

            Increase           13.4312.451000          Equipment                                           $64,918.17

            Increase           13.4312.452000          Non-Cap Equip                                   $  3,540.50


Consent Agenda

1.  Approval of Board Meeting Minutes

Mr. White recommended Commissioners’ approval of the April 7, 2003 meeting minutes as presented.


2.  The County Manager recommended the Board of Commissioners approve the following budget amendments:


a.  DSS (Links Program); $8,775.96

The DSS Department received $8,775.96 in State funds for expenses associated with children aging out of the department’s foster care.  The funds are 100% State generated and the following detailed budget amendment is necessary to acknowledge the funds for the program:

            Increase           10.5690.331600          Child Res-Fed                                     $8,775.96

            Increase           10.5690.443100          Foster Care                                         $8,775.96


b.  EDI Payment to Broyhill Furniture Industries; $15,194.01

Staff received a request from Broyhill Furniture Industries for an economic development incentive payment related to the expansion of a logistics facility located in the J&M Industrial Park.  Tax and Finance Department staff have verified a real property assessed value increase of $3,252,700, generating a tax payment of $18,992.52 and, in accordance with the EDI program guidelines, the company is due a payment of $14,244.39 and a $949.62 marketing payment (5%) to the Economic Development Commission.  The following budget amendment is necessary to make the payments as identified:

            Increase           10.3000.311102          2002 Property Tax                              $15,194.01

            Increase           10.6170.461900          Economic Development Incentive            $15,194.01


3.  CDBG Scattered Site Housing Grant

Caldwell County recently received the formal grant agreement from NC Division of Community Assistance for the CDBG Scattered Site Housing program.  The $390,000.00 grant will be used to implement the program as previously determined with the primary focus of the funding to address substandard housing for income-eligible elderly and disabled homeowners.  Mr. White recommended the Board of Commissioners approve the formal grant agreement which is hereby incorporated by reference and made a part of these minutes (Exhibit B); approve the official funding approval notice which is hereby incorporated by reference and made a part of these minutes (Exhibit C); approve the administrative contract with Western Piedmont Council of Governments which is hereby incorporated by reference and made a part of these minutes (Exhibit D); authorize staff to finalize and complete the signatory form and other appropriate documents; formally adopt the project budget ordinance which is hereby incorporated by reference and made a part of these minutes (Exhibit E); and approve the following detailed budget amendment:

Increase           44.6147.334518          Scattered Site Housing                                    $390,000.00

Increase           44.6147.412100          Salaries                                               $    4,000.00

Increase           44.6147.418100          FICA                                                   $       306.00

Increase           44.6147.418200          Retirement                                           $       207.00

Increase           44.6147.418300          Hospitalization                                                $    1,330.00

Increase           44.6147.418400          Dental                                                  $         82.50

Increase           44.6147.418700          Life Insurance                                      $         10.00

Increase           44.6147.426000          Supplies                                              $         64.50

Increase           44.6147.439900          Administrative-COG                           $  27,500.00

Increase           44.6147.453400          Rehabilitation                                      $344,000.00

Increase           44.6147.453402          Const. Supervision                              $  12,500.00


Commissioner Beane made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Thuss, to approve the three items on the consent agenda as presented and recommended by the County Manager.  The motion passed unanimously.


FY2003-2004 Proposed Budget


Mr. White presented the proposed budget for fiscal year 2003-2004 for consideration by the Board of Commissioners.  He noted a May 8, 2003 work session had been previously scheduled to allow agencies and department’s time to voice comment or concern regarding the proposed budget.


The County Manager highlighted revenue and expenditure projections included in the proposed FY03-04 budget and which are hereby incorporated by reference and made a part of these minutes (Exhibit F).


There was discussion about the process for the work session scheduled at 9:00 a.m. on May 8, 2003 and the June 16, 2003 scheduled public hearing to formally adopt the County’s budget for FY03-04.







Commissioner Starnes made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Thuss, and passing unanimously to reappoint Bill Ochalek to the Jury Commission for another term.


Commissioner Sanders made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Thuss, and passing unanimously to appoint Captain Mike Powell (law enforcement representative) and Keith Triplett (Rescue Squad Association representative) to replace Steve Reid and Tim Sanders, respectively, on the Emergency Council.


There being no further business, Commissioner Beane moved to adjourn, Commissioner Thuss seconded and, by unanimous vote, Chairman Greene declared the meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.



Kathy T. Myers                                                           Herbert H. Greene

Clerk to the Board                                                       Chairman